Take a moment to imagine your life in three years.

I reflected on this while updating my Vision during our recent Stretch Your Impact training. I realized “Wow, the next three years are going to look very different than the past three years!” I needed to start thinking about these approaching years and the resulting changes. I have a Senior, Junior, and Freshman – in a few years  my husband and I will almost be empty nesters.

Some things I will really miss in three years

I love cheering at Lily’s matches.

No more sports to “cheer” loudly.  I get pretty excited when I’m in game mode. Some might say I am competitive 🙂 In fact, my kids have told me I am not allowed to say anything anymore.

No more ten-minute check-in meetings with teachers.  Even though they are brief, I love these – Feedback is a gift.

The worst part, no more carpooling.  Yes, I will miss carpools. It means relinquishing the opportunity to hold my kids hostage (in the front seat) so they have to talk to me! I especially cherish carpools as they have gotten older. My youngest, Liam, knows the drill, “How was your day?” I ask. “Good,” he responds followed by an uncomfortable pause. “Wait, I know that is not good enough for you,” he quickly adds, . “My day started…  lunch was… and I…” That’s what I want – details and information! I will miss these times.

My “hostage” Liam enjoying our chat.

At any rate, in five years, my current juggling act of work, kids/family, friends, and how I spend my time will look very different. Honestly, this future thinking elicits many emotions for me – anxiety, sadness, and excitement! I need to create a new plan for my life; with my extra time, I may learn some fancy new juggling tricks as I grow into my new space.

Remember, Visioning makes us happy!

During our recent Stretch Your Impact training, I assessed and updated my Stretch Leadership Playbook. And, I adjusted my vision with a short-term vision and “work-in-process” long-term vision. It felt good!

The good news is I still have a purpose, and my values will continue to guide me. Now I just need to consider what the next “Season of Life” looks like!  How fun 😊