We provide a full six-month series on Leadership Development for Executive Teams and Growing Leaders. The coursework relies on insights from Drucker, Lencioni, Maxwell, Gallup and many other business thought leaders. It’s a highly interactive program that includes self-evaluation, team interaction, presentations, communication exercises, neurolinguistic training, and transitional leadership training. Participants will also set goals, write mission statements, teach others, and practice powerful communication techniques. (Class sizes are limited to 12-18)

What Makes a Great Leader

Together we will break down what leadership is and the components of what makes a great leader.

Understanding People

The first step in understanding others is learning the art of self-actualization. What does it mean to be self-actualized? And what steps can we take to get there?

Communicating with Others

With over 30 years of experience in navigating diverse workplace environments and social challenges, we have developed this powerfully effective training on the unique challenges of communication and how to deal with them.

Team Dynamics Training

We will break down the components of what makes an effective team and work through some practical steps to ensure your team can achieve maximum effectiveness.

Generational Differences

We’ll take a look at some practical applications of how we can bridge multi-generational gaps and keep moving forward.


Leadership Self Assessment, Core Values Assessment, Goal Setting, and Time Management

Learning Self: The Birkman

The Birkman Assessment has been successfully producing in-depth analysis for over 65 years. This segment takes you through the components of the Birkman for a unique look into your relational and occupational styles and how that translates into practical use.

Care, Communicate, Coach, Celebrate!

Why is authentic connection valuable and important? We will explore this and learn how can we use verbal and non-verbal communication to effectively convey genuine care.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

We will tap into the latest studies on how the brain works and how we process data. When we collect, sort, analyze and prioritize data, we often distort reality and form illogical conclusions. We’ll retrain your brain to see things as they really are and to respond appropriately.


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