Discover 'LeaderUp!' and become the leader you would follow!

Unlock the secrets to becoming a transformative leader with ‘LeaderUp!’, a groundbreaking book that delves into the heart of empathetic and respectful leadership. Learn how to harness your emotional intelligence to inspire and uplift your team.

Unveiling LeaderUp! Key Features

Emotional Intelligence in Action

Discover how ‘LeaderUp!’ uses real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of empathy in leadership, transforming everyday experiences into opportunities for growth and connection.

Self-Awareness as a Foundation

Learn about the foundational role of Self-Awareness within ‘LeaderUp!’, illustrated through stories of leaders who prioritize emotional health and earn genuine loyalty.

Healthy Leadership Unlocked

‘LeaderUp!’ provides actionable strategies that prioritizes empathy, collaboration, and authenticity which are crucial for navigating complex workplace dynamics to fosters thriving cultures.

Inspiring Organizational Success

See how Healthy Leadership is directly linked to organizational success, with examples of companies that achieve success by embracing these principles.

LeaderUp! Has been a game-hanger for my leadership approach. The chapter analyzing my C.O.R.E. Score of leadership alone has changed the way I manage my team.

‘I was always looking for ways to inspire loyalty and drive success in my company. LeaderUp! showed me practical ways to achieve this without compromising my values.’

‘As a new manager, LeaderUp! has been an invaluable resource. It’s filled with real-world examples that illustrate how to foster creativity and thrive as a leader.’

‘This book provided me with the tools to lead with empathy and respect. Since reading it, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my team’s collaboration and overall morale.’

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with LeaderUp!


About the Author

CYNDI WINEINGER is a transformative leader with four decades of dynamic experience across Fortune 25 corporations, pioneering non-profit ventures, and as a revered coach and advisor. She has empowered countless leaders and teams worldwide, helping them embrace their work with passion and purpose.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Cyndi’s personal story adds profound depth. As a devoted mother cherishing the memory of her son, she finds Purpose and Passion in the relentless pursuit of helping Healthy Leaders create cultures where people love their work!

As an avid traveler, she finds solace and inspiration in her global travels. She is always eager for the next extraordinary adventure that allows her to experience other cultures and perspectives.

Cyndi’s passion, expertise, and dynamic presence make her a sought-after speaker, coach and consultant who can guide you and your organization toward unlocking your full potential and achieving lasting success in your career and life journey.


    • Advanced Senior Certified Birkman Consultant Certification
    • Consulted with organizations around the world on High Performance Teaming, Strategic Implementation, Communication and Culture, Change Management and Leadership Training
    • Best Selling author of team written book Leadership Fusion which reached top sales in 8 categories upon release.
    • Professional Master Coaching Certification (held by only 2% of coaches)
    • Certified Professional Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
    • Certified Life Coach, Addiction Recover Coach, and trained Suicide Prevention Partner
    • Ordained Pastor and served in full time ministry for 9 years
    • 700 full Executive Coaching engagements, 1000s of Laser coaching sessions
    • Lifetime Associate of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium
    • Member of the Professional Association for Résumé Writers and Career Coaches
    • Performed over 6000 hiring assessments and reviews
    • Proud graduate of the University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Business (Roll Tide)