Who wants to enjoy work?

We all work hard, and our days are more fun when we love what we do. Cyndi and I created Stretch Strategic Leaders to facilitate this “love what you do” mission – specifically by integrating leadership development and strategic planning. This gives leaders the tools and direction to love what they do!  Three years in, we are awestruck of the impact we have had the honor of helping companies make (check out what our clients are saying).

We want to impact more people and are excited to announce our new program: Stretch Academy

Our purpose is to “Help people stretch and enjoy the next level of growth.” We want to impact more leaders (for our current clients) and help build strategic capacity for new clients. Above all, we want you to enjoy your job and have opportunities for growth – so we created Stretch Academy to continue equipping leaders.

Stretch Academy “activates” leaders by using proven leadership learning modules and teaching how to follow a strategic framework.

We want to “activate” leaders, not merely “train” them. This follows our Growth Culture model: Healthy Leaders + Winning Strategies + High Performing teams. The program has nine sessions (both in-person and virtual) over a four month-period. The attached program description provides more detail, and our next class starts January 12, 2023.

Our goal is to build strategic capacity in organizations.

There is a critical need for managers to become better leaders. Face it, we ask managers to do a lot: increasing productivity, completing strategic projects, and performing their job efficiently. As a result, they are burned-out, frustrated, and feel they don’t have buy-in from senior leadership or a “seat at the table.” So, what do they need? They need investment with a deeper toolbox and personalized coaching.

It’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work.

Darcy Bien Cyndi WineingerStretch Academy is what Cyndi and I were destined to do! We LOVE this “work” (funny to call it that). In Stretch Academy, we build people up by sharing our learnings, developing their toolboxes, and mentoring them to be their best version at work and at home.

Cyndi and I have been around awhile. I am not saying we are old but let us say…older. 😊  At any rate, we have been fortunate to support many successfully companies and leaders. Together we have coached 1,000 leaders and supported almost 400 strategies. We know what works and what doesn’t.

One thing we know works: you need deliverables to really apply the learnings.

Stretch Academy has four checkpoints back to the company: Coaching report from Birkman, Personal Strategic Plan, Department Strategic Plan, and a High-Performance Team Playbook. This guarantees an ROI on the training!

The more the merrier: we encourage more than person from your company to attend Stretch Academy.

Our recommendation is three to four participants from your company. This allows for common language, increase teamwork, and accountability. And there’s significant advantage: you receive a 10% incentive to send more than one. We have a maximum of four per company and will happily accept single participants from a company.

Save your seats today – our January class is filling fast.

Give us a call and we will get your team set up and answer questions.