Over the years, Darcy and I continue to see how behavioral assessments improve the Strategic Planning process. These assessments are like a “playbook” for how teams operate as they run strategic plays in their organization. If we only have a strategy, without an understanding of how each player operates (i.e., behavioral assessment), where their positions are, what roles they play, and a plan for supporting each member to be high performing, then we miss the opportunity to experience the excitement of winning.

“Shame and Blame” leadership

During a recent strategic implementation session, a leader kicked off the meeting by announcing, “We are making NO progress. No one has accomplished their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).” Whoa! Whether true or not, “shame and blame” leadership will get you exactly nowhere. It may work in the moment, but in today’s world of job hopping, gig economy, and RIP (Resting or Retired In Place) this tone can really kill the vibe.

Hot Topic: the state of the workforce

We get many questions about the state of the workforce – especially among the “blue ribbon” or “technology integrated” generation. As far as the process of strategy, implementation, success, and celebration, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Strategic Plan– without a plan, organizations spend a lot of time hoping they are moving in the right direction. Moses hoped to get to the Promised Land, but it took 40 years. Some estimate this journey could have been accomplished in 4-6 months. Which route do you choose?
  2. People– without people, you will have a challenging time accomplishing your strategy. This generation loves to win, and do so on teams. They are attracted to strategic plans.
  3. Culture– any time you have a group of people, you have a culture. Without a good culture, good people will leave, and bad people will stay. Then you’ll attract people to that culture.
  4. Leadership– without leadership, the people will perish. People need to feel inspired and know their contribution matters. They now demand to work in a healthy culture created by a healthy leader.
  5. Teams– without teamwork, we lose the synergy of being able to accomplish more, and we leave people working in their own independent way. Sometimes this works, but if you want to be competitive in this world of speed, AI, technology and job changing, human teamwork is a must.

Gone are the days of telling people what to do and expecting them to “jump”!

Here to stay is the need for healthy leaders who can cast vision, understand the individuality of others, and communicate at a high level of expertise.  Leaders must be self-aware – blindspots, narcissism, and erratic behavior are culture killers.

Vision must be carried to everyone – over and over and over. We have to celebrate and encourage great behaviors and the accomplishments that matter to our team members.  Think about baseball when we would yell for the batter: BATTER UPP!! BAAAAATTTEERR UP! Do you know how to do that for your team members?

It’s time to LEADER UP! 

We have to carry our messages to a variety of different people. Leaders own their message.  They can’t say “I told them.”  They need to be certain their teams and leaders heard and understood what is critical to the strategic success for the organization. If we revisit the initial conversation, what can the leader do better?

  1. Start with Strategy. Does everyone get the vision?
  2. Check yourself. Are you centered, self-aware and ready to lead each person and the team?
  3. Remember, Culture eats strategy for lunch. Are you creating a safe culture where everyone shares wins and needs? Do you and the team understand each person in the room and how to work effectively with them?
  4. Revisit goals and expectations. Everyone needs to be clear on their goals and those of others to work synergistically together.
  5. Remove obstacles and celebrate wins. When and how are you actively celebrating?

Lastly, remember the power of behavioral assessments! Tools like the Birkman are a valuable asset for strategic plan implementation. They uncover strengths, build collaborative teams, support growth, develop leaders, and foster a culture of self-awareness. With Birkman Assessments in your arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve your goals and conquer new horizons in the business world. To support your success, we are offering access to Birkman trainings for free! Click here to access them.