Have you ever had a day, a week, or even a month when you felt a bit rudderless? You find yourself going through the motions of life and distractedly thinking “Am I on the right path?”

Getting clear on your purpose.

Darcy and I help companies strategically define their organizational purpose. But what about the employees? If they lack clarity on their own purpose in life, it becomes a challenge to have an engaged workforce. So, we help people (as well as companies) get clear on their purpose. Inherent in all of us is what we are motivated to do. What drives you? What inspires you? What brings you joy and focus?

When we are clear on our purpose, we have a clear vision of how the partnership with our company helps us to achieve our inner drivers.

A great partnership with your company is when you can bring your best self, grow your talents, thrive with great leadership, and succeed for yourself while also creating success for the business.

How do you find your Purpose? Usually, it is simply a case of listening to yourself and doing some work to define it. Our Stretch Personal Strategic Plan (PSP) is a great program to help you achieve clarity. We recently completed this four-part program with a company’s Emerging Leaders. Watching these Leaders get clear on what drives them, then creating their own strategic plan to accomplish their dreams, is incredibly exciting. We are currently taking a group of 100 women through the PSP program and love seeing the lightbulbs go off at each turn of the journey.

Get clear on what drives you and defines you.

After going through the life-changing experience of losing my son, Daniel, I realized I had to rewrite my purpose. Daniel had been my focus for so long with his significant special needs – I wasn’t sure what direction to pursue. Was I doing the right thing with my life?

I needed to get clear about what drives me and defines me. I was the Executive Coach who felt rudderless. That is not a good thing. I remember being a bit disabled by the sense of loss and not having a clear focus for my life. As we move through the seasons of life, we need a purpose in every season or we don’t feel valued – or worse, we give up.

A clear purpose helps us make choices.

When we have a clear purpose and face a fork in the road, we have a sense of peace in what we say yes to and what we say no to in life. There is faith in our choice aligning with what we find important. It becomes easy to set boundaries around our time and decisions since we filter decisions through the alignment with accomplishing our purpose.

When we lose focus on our purpose, distraction sets in. Out of the distraction comes a loss of joy in how we are spending our time. It may take time to define your purpose. And as “life happens,” and it does, we must re-evaluate what we are all about.

If your team can’t see and define the purpose of the organization, success will be hard.

If you and your team can’t see and define the purpose of the organization, it will be hard to achieve success. Motivating and inspiring others to help you reach the purpose will be a challenge.

I have a clear purpose: to Serve Others to Accomplish Their Dreams. My core values help me decide when and how to do this. The peace I enjoy is well worth the time I invested to figure out my purpose. It took work as I traveled through my grief to get clear, and it was worth it.

NEW: The Stretch Leadership Academy

As we continue to help people and organizations define and live by their Purpose, we are excited to announce Stretch Leadership Academy starting in 2023. This eight-session course helps leaders define their purpose, learn to think strategically, become powerful leaders, and accomplish visionary goals. We will also continue to provide the Personal Strategic Plan to organizations to help team members focus on their purpose and ability to strategize.

A motivated team is a successful team! Leaders can lead when they are clear on how to succeed. Strategy and Purpose define winning.